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Author: Source: Today: 2020-04-14


Afristar is ensuring that SGR cargo services are being operated efficiently on a 24-hour basis during the COVID-19 outbreak.This has been effectively managed through the implementation of workplace coronavirus prevention measures. The company provides face masks, surgical gloves and hand sanitizers to all staff.Afristar also conducts daily temperature screenings on all staff and fumigating all workplace premises.                     



John Mungai, a Senior Assistant Freight Train Drive says he is glad the company’s stringent measures for protecting employees include providing staff housing during the coronavirus outbreak.“Afristar has provided accommodation on company premises during the pandemic period. Disinfection is being carried out in our living quarters on a daily basis. Residing at the company premises is convenient due to government directive on movement and night curfew”-John Mungai, Senior Assistant Freight Train Driver.                                            

Supervisors ensure company directives are implemented. Team Leader and Junior Locomotive Driver, Concilia Owire, oversees COVID-19 measures are implemented in her department.“I’m responsible for the general supervision of all the employees in the department, ensuring that all are in good health and abiding by the regulations set by the company with regards to Covid-19. I monitor the temperatures of employees, who are currently being accommodated at the company premises as one of the measures adopted to mitigate the spread of the pandemic” – Concilia Owire, Junior Locomotive Driver. Concilia specialises in passenger locomotive driver, however during the pandemic, her excellent skills were required in the freight division.“I have gained skills in freight train operations and cargo management and I have also mastered personnel health management during COVID-19 pandemic period” – Concilia.


To guarantee that freight trains are operated safely, train dispatchers are diligently managing track use.

Harrison Kinyanjui, a Comprehensive Manager at the Dispatching Centre notes that his department provides a critical SGR operations service.“Since the dispatch centre is the backbone and brain of railway operations, the company has ensured work in the dispatching centre remains, as usual, to ensure train operations and the transportation process is uninterrupted and unaffected.” Harrison Kinyanjui, Comprehensive Manager, Dispatching Centre.Afristar is intent on proving seamless freight train services to ensure Kenya is in constant supply of imports during the pandemic.