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Author: Source: Today: 2019-07-09


Passenger Service Demonstration Team Commendation,

Skill Level Certificate Awarding Ceremony



Africa Star Railway Operation Company Limited on the 4th of July 2019 held a certificate issuance ceremony for their staff in an effort to reward them for their excellent customer service through punctuality, teamwork and timely communication.The organizations’ intention to motivate, honour and help the staff improve their skills and gain more knowledge on customer satisfaction comes at a time when SGR is in first years of establishing a concrete customer base.



Hellen Achieng,a staff in the department gave gratitude to God, her team and Africa Star Railway Operation Company for giving her the opportunity and a chance to showcase her abilities.“The company did a very good job in deciding to work with teams because it makes achieving its goals a walk in the park.This is simply because teamwork enables us to work cooperatively together in order to achieve the company’s goals.”She said



 Feisal Omar, one of the recipient of the award also thanked his team for complementing each other’s weaknesses with strengths so as to accomplish their goals as individuals and also that of the company.”In an organization where customer service forms the heart of our operations and is engrained in our corporate genes, we stand proud as a team for having excelled in an area which plays a key role to our existence as an institution.We consider this as a challenge to even raise the bar higher and attain internationally certified standards of customer service and professionalism.”he said.



Kenya Railways business and commercial expert Miss Caroline Machine who was also present congratulated the team on such a milestone.“The grass is green where you water them so when challenges and hurdles come your way just shift the gear and find solutions so as to overcome them.Take advantage of opportunities such as this, training and promotions so as to reach your goals for this is the place to start.You represent SGR, so know it’s mission and vision for the success of the company is on you.Now is the time, I am the voice, I believe, I grow, step up and defy odds’’.She said