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  • Mombasa Terminus
    The station building of Mombasa Terminus is designed with the theme of "lighthouse" and "water wave", which aims to build the landmark building of Mombasa, and lead the regional development as well as enhance the city image of Mombasa.
  • Mariakani Station
    The train station is close to the Indian Ocean coastal city of Mombasa, and the coconut trees are the characteristic trees of the tropical seaside. The graceful coconut trees are not like the beautiful girls who are passionate. They are open-minded to welcome guests from afar.
  • Miaseni Station
    The design of this station using strip shape elements, which are inspired by the zebra stripes and the oil paint painted on people's bodies during traditional ceremonies in Africa. It highlights the characteristics of Kenya: one is wildlife, the other is traditional culture. Seen from the station building, the protruding white wall extends along the horizontal direction of the building with regular distribution and full of movement. The whole building is simple, bold and fashionable, especially the combination of vertical lines and railway horizontal lines.
  • Voi Station
    The shape of the station is a huge "V", inspired by the "father of Kenya" - Jomo Kenyatta, who advocates "the spirit of unity and harmony", and "V" is the people holding hands with their arms up The simplification Of the same time, V also means "victory". Meaning: If more than 40 tribes in Kenya are united and work hard together, then the country will move from one victory to another! Of course, V is also the Abbreviation of the station name "Voi" in this station.
  • Mtito Andei Station
    The design of this station is inspired by the combination of mountains, clouds and trees. The “roof on the slope” symbolizes the mountains and spreads out a strong visual impact. Beneath the mountain is a forest (pillars coming in the shape of tress).
  • Kibwezi Station
    The Kibwezi Station is designed with a tilting roof which embodies the traditional African architecture. The design of the station is inspired by the “leaves”, which do not only represent the beauty but also shield the sun so that the passengers can enjoy the cool.
  • Emali Station
    From the overall appearance, the station is like a tight-feld fist, spreading a feeling of positism and unity.
  • Athi River Station
    Inspired by the undulating hillside terrain of the surrounding area, the design incorporates the concept of the large roof of the original African architecture, absorbing the characteristics of African native architecture and striving to live in harmony with the surrounding environment.
  • Nairobi Terminus
    The bottom of the main building of the station is two "locomotives" and the upper part is "a bridge". There are two beneficiaries: First, it is placed on the "train bridges the friendship and cooperation between China and Kenya", which means that "the Kenyan economy will accelerate development under the strong driving force of the Mombasa Nairobi Railway"; the second is the Mombasa Nairobi Railway as the entire East African railway network. The initial stage will promote economic development throughout the East African region and promote inter-connectivity and friendly cooperation between countries in the East African region.